Beauty Mind and Body


My name is Jane Rowe and have been writing for a number of years. I had a difficult time after the birth of my daughter, when I plunged into a terrible depression, I hardly had any money for food and was living on benefits. When I was recovering from this bleak period, I was walking home from late night swimming and the idea for the book, ” The Desolation of Silence,” came to me. The characters, almost became living and I would write for an hour every night, often working until two in the morning. I dreamed of it being published, and now it is! I have written an another book called, ” Luna,” an alien story, also published on Amazon. It tells of an young alien woman alone on earth and the difficulties that she comes across. I think my books are very descriptive, drawing the reader in with compelling narrative. I have, added the sequel, to, “The Desolation of Silence,” “The Solace of Suffering,” to my collection of published books. It has lots of the same themes, and dramas, as the first book, but with fresh twists, and turns, climaxing, in a dramatic finish, which I hope will leave the reader, on the edge of their seats! At present. This year, I wrote a book, with some help from a local music producer, about racial issues, in the same genre as, ” How To Kill A Mocking Bird.” My poetry collection, called, “Poetry in Motion,” features poems, that I started writing when I was fourteen, on a wide range of subjects. Part of the concept, was to show mentally women can be extraordinary, taking meds, not be over weight, comfortable in themselves, glamorous, empowered, which was why I featured pictures of myself next to each poem. My partner, Martin Hogdson took the photographs. Recently, my daughter and myself, wrote a children’s book, “The Magic Cats!” Sequel to a e-book we had published last year. I am so proud of Lucy, who also appeared in photographs in the poetry anthology Happy reading!



A modern, fresh, look at aesthetic beauty, which covers both the inner and outer qualities. With a special chapter on well-being, especially interesting because of Jane’s own struggles with mental health. Get fit, look great, learn how to apply your make-up correctly and much more! Jane Rowe, is also a fully trained beautician, has worked intensively in the cosmetics industry. With a wealth of knowledge of how to present yourself to your very best, this easy to use manual, can work just as correctly for men and women of any age. With amazingly, artistic, photography by Martin Hodgson at some wonderful English settings, engulf yourself in the journey of mind and body!


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