There’s a Shoppable Version of Kate Middleton’s Christening Earrings

  • As spotted by HELLO!, a replica of Kate Middleton’s infamous pearl earrings she wore to Prince Louis’ christening are now available at Marks & Spencer.
  • The versions are, of course, not exactly the same, but it’s still a lovely look that’s royal-approved, just in case you like to twin with Kate (no shame!).
  • Middleton’s well-known for her jewelry, and has even been spotted with inexpensive earrings of her own.

Kate Middleton showed up at Prince Louis’ christening wearing a cream Alexander McQueen, fancy flowery headband, and gorgeous pearl floral earrings that completed the look in a subtle, but lovely way. The originals, Cavolfiore Pearl Studs (which, incidentally, are also available to buy), cost a cool £4,490. There’s an inexpensive version inspired by the studs available on Marks & Spencer, however, at a much more reasonable $13.

Per HELLO!, “According to Cassandra’s website, the 18ct pearl and diamond earrings are ‘inspired by the clusters of young flower stalks of the cauliflower (cavolfiore) in the market.'” So, actually, it’s less a flower and more a…cauliflower! Go figure! The M&S version has a center cluster of crystals instead of pearls, so it’s not the EXACT same look and more like an inspiration. They’re still really pretty, even though of course it’s very different in kind from, you know, a pair that costs nearly $5,700.

Here’s a reminder of Middleton’s full look, with George and Charlotte in the background looking feisty as ever (I love her staring down at Louis with all the love and pride in the world, like, “LOOK at what we did!!”):

And there’s still earrings available at M&S, should you want to get a version of your own: